Are Sebo Vacuum Cleaners Good For Pet Hair?

Sebo vacuum cleaners may be designed and manufactured in Germany, but they are selling in countries around the world. They are designed with air quality and floor protection in mind and are known for being very durable.


All residential vacuums are now backed by a five year guarantee on all parts and labor, which shows that the manufacturer stands firmly behind their products.

In 1978, Sebo hit the market with a vacuum that made use of electrostatic filters and a built-in hose. This was the first time the market had seen this technology, which immediately put the brand at the forefront of the market. While they aren’t as well recognized outside of Germany today, they remain very popular brands known for high quality, durable parts and innovative vacuum designs.

Today, Sebo continues to come up with innovative ideas that make their vacuum cleaners really stand out in the market. Let’s take a look at the different types of vacuums they are now making.

Upright Sebo Vacuum Cleaners

There are two different upright vacuum series for residential use: Felix and the X series.

The X series is where a lot of the innovative features Sebo is known for producing become apparent. These vacuums are controlled by computer systems that make the system shut down if there is a blockage or something goes wrong with one of the brushes or other parts. This prevents damage to the machine and alert users instantly when something needs fixed.

The computer on the X series vacuums will also automatically control many features on the machine, including the height adjustments for different types of flooring. These vacuums can be used on all different types of flooring from carpeting to tile and the machine will adjust to the appropriate height so damage is never brought to the floor.

There are different models of the X series Sebo vacuum and one is a model designed just for pet hair. It is good for picking up most dog and cat hairs around the house, but it isn’t the best. Click here if you want to discover the best vacuums for pet hair.

The Felix upright series vacuums are lightweight and more compact in design. They offer the same high quality parts but with frames that are easier to store and push around the home. There is also a pet version available of this model. You could also checkout the Dyson V6 Absolute Vs Motorhead.

Canister/Cylinder Sebo Vacuum Cleaners

There are two different series of Sebo canister or cylinder vacuums on the market today, plus one individual vacuum that stands on its own. The individual vacuum is the Sebo Airbelt D. It has a larger sized canister and was designed to be very cost effective without sacrificing power and the basic features you expect from the Sebo brand. You might also be interested in finding out about the best self propelled vacuums on the market over at

The K series Sebo cylinder vacuums are mid sized and come with a few different models to select from. They are designed to be very easy to use and even the bag change feature is extremely simplistic. These are highly durable machines designed to last for many years.

In true Sebo fashion, all the advanced technology is dumped into one series: the D canister series. These vacuums are the top-of-the-line offerings from the brand and were designed in collaboration with a professional product developer. They are packed with innovative features that make them easy to use and highly efficient at cleaning the home.


Commercial Sebo Vacuum Cleaners

Commercial grade Sebo vacuums are composed into two collections: the Dart series and the BS series. These collections are small with just a few offerings in each line. They are very similar to the residential Sebo vacuums but they are more durable for heavy duty use.


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