Effective Ways to burn fat for women

Losing your body fat is never a simple thing as you may think. Ask anyone who has attempted to lose just ten pounds and you will understand how difficult it is. In fact, the more you try, the harder it becomes for you to lose weight. No matter what kind of goal you want to achieve, fat loss is the most laborious incentive to train.

Practical ways to lose weightWe start to gain weight during our midsection when our cortisol levels increase. Stress is one of the causes for the high levels of cortisol secretion. When this occurs cortisol breaks down lean muscles and holds on fat storage in the abdominal region. Such kind of stress can be extreme with bad dieting. Studies indicate stress triggered by dieting can increase cortisol levels. So, how do you efficiently burn excess fat as a woman? Here we provide you with practical ways to follow that will help you burn your fat.

1. Make a change in your lifestyle

Ensure that your lifestyle entails intake of the correct fat since wrong fat intake results in a gain of fat. It is true since the body will burn carbohydrates for fuel and use protein for repair. Thus, it is important to cut down on bad fat and stick on the good type. A change in your lifestyle also means that you stay away on programs that will help you lose body fat. Going for such programs may set your life for a failure. The best ways to burn your excess calories is to make changes that will assist you to live indefinitely. Do not put strict measures on calories.

2. Do moderate exercise with Aerobics and weights

If you are extremely overweight, perhaps it is good to kick start your burning calories stage with low-intensity weight training and aerobics. Doing this ensures your body is not at risk of undue stress at an early stage. Moderate aerobics mostly burn greater levels of body fat when the intensity is maintained at about 70 percent of maximum heart rate. If you opt for a weight training exercise, high repetitions accompanied by moderate weights would work best for an obese woman in the initial stages of the training.

3. Cut down on your starchy carbs

Taking too many starchy foods such as rice, pasta, potatoes and bread offers your body with a lot more than it requires for energy and glycogen stores. Anything that is left will be stored as fat. Avoid sugar-related foods. In case, you have a sugar craving then substitute your sugar craving with Muscle Milk Lite since it has zero sugar and a ton of protein.

4. Take at least one gallon of water each day

In most of the success stories of women who managed to burn their excess calories. One common aspect that comes out is a higher than average water intake is necessary for fat loss. Water consumption is crucial for fat metabolism since it aids the liver perform the function for fat conversion for energy purposes. Therefore, taking sufficient amount of water is an essential step in fat reduction.

HIT for weight loss

5. Mix some Aerobic Sessions

For different reasons, you can eliminate boredom and boost your adherence by doing a range of aerobic activities. Aerobic activities will offer you with various fat burning effects. When combined they accelerate the metabolism to higher levels hence boosting fat loss to a large scale.

6. Do HIT training

A High-Intensity Interval Training is an advanced type of aerobics designed to cut down on body fat at a faster rate. It is one of the effective fat loss ways for the intermediate to an advanced trainer. HIT training needs a high intensity for a series of intervals before you back off to a lower work rate. The range can go for 10 to 30 seconds. The whole session may last for about 20 minutes depending on which stage someone is on. Visit fattoslim.net for more practical tips on an effective weight loss


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