Getting A Great Workout With PowerBlock Dumbbells

A good workout should always include resistance training. This can be done by working out out with weights. At the gym, you can work out on the weight bench. At home, you can use free weights.

The problem with a lot of free weights is that they take up a lot of room. If you started out with 10-pound weights, what if you want to go up to 15 pounds?

You would have to buy 15-pound weights. With conventional fixed weights, every time you want to work out with different weights, you will have to use a separate set.

You can avoid this inconvenience by using Powerblock Elite 90 adjustable dumbbells. See how Powerblock vs Bowflex for P90x.


These weights are adjustable. When you buy one set, you can customize the weights to fit your work out needs. Warm up with lighter weights. Then increase the weight for a full workout. The weights can be adjusted quickly so your workout momentum will not be broken.

A set of PowerBlock dumbbells is cheaper than buying separate of fixed weights. Not only that, but they also take up a lot less room. Imagine having a full set of conventional weights in increments of five to ten pounds. You can end up with ten or more fixed-weight dumbbells all over your floor. They do not stack up very well, either. They make your home exercise space look really messy.

You will not have that problem with PowerBlock dumbbells. The compact design allows you to stow them away neatly without getting in the way. Put them by your couch so that you can grab them and do a few sets of arm curls while you are watching TV.

The weights are easily adjustable so you only need one set for the whole family. Go from lighter weights to heavier ones in no time at all.

PowerBlock Video Review

PowerBlock dumbbells are well-made from high quality materials. One set will provide you with years of great resistance training. Take these with you to the office or on your roadtrip vacation. You can keep up with your resistance training anywhere you are.

If you want to give yourself a convenient way to build up those arm muscles, get a set of dumbbells from PowerBlock. Its advanced design sets it apart from other adjustable dumbbells. Try them out, and you will be pleased at how easy it is to customize them to your workout.


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